PerkinElmer aquires
Horizon Discovery Group plc

By combining Horizon’s capabilities with PerkinElmer’s life science research and applied genomics portfolios, we will be able to deliver complete workflow solutions to our life science customers working on drug discovery and development.

Specifically, Horizon’s innovative reagents, which leverage CRISPR technologies, will come together with PerkinElmer’s imaging, detection, automation and LabChip platforms to provide scalable workflows and quality control capabilities when working with engineered cells. Most importantly, it will also provide a complete solution for scientists studying changes in gene expression by using our imaging systems alongside a full range of supporting assays.

In the short term, we are excited that this combination will allow us to better help our customers transform drug targeting and therapeutics research with an eye towards gene function, genetic disease drivers and biotherapeutics delivery. Longer term, we believe the combination of the two companies provides us with an excellent pathway toward developing solutions for our customers that advance the future of precision medicine.

“We are driven to bring innovative solutions to the drug discovery world. This commitment will continue stronger than ever during this exciting new stage of our development”

terry pizzie,

chief executive officer