Accountability and corporate compliance

Horizon believes in strong corporate governance

Corporate Compliance

The Board of Horizon Discovery Group plc (the “Company”) is responsible for the Group’s corporate governance policies and recognises the importance of high standards of integrity. The Company has adopted the Quoted Companies Alliance Code for Small & Mid-sized Quoted Companies 2018 (the “QCA Code”).

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Horizon prides itself on its honesty, integrity and high professional standards in its dealings with customers, with its staff and with the public. The Group demands the maintenance of these high standards in everything that it does, and to this end the Group has established an internal policy and procedures that encourage and support employees in coming forward and reporting certain types of conduct or activities that fall short. The Chairman of the audit committee is responsible for ensuring that any concerns raised are followed up in an effective and timely manner.

Training on the Group’s whistleblowing policy is included in the on-boarding process for all new employees.