Strong Corporate Governance is fundamental to long-term success

23 December 2020

Aquisition by Perkinelmer, inc

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Horizon’s Directors believe that strong Corporate Governance is fundamental to the immediate and long-term success of the business, and that the Board bears the ultimate responsibility to ensure that strategy, operations, and financial reporting are all underpinned by robust processes.

We are therefore committed to playing a central role in the Group’s governance by providing an external and independent perspective on matters material to our stakeholders, by establishing a framework that ensures that effective internal controls and risk management measures are in place, and by ensuring that good governance is part of a broader culture of openness, transparency, and responsibility that is felt at all levels of the organisation.

“Strong Corporate Governance is fundamental to the immediate and long term success of the business”

Dr Ian Gilham

Non-Executive Chairman


Board of Directors

Responsible for the long-term success of the Group. It sets strategy and oversees implementation, ensuring only acceptable risks are taken. It provides leadership and direction and is also responsible for corporate governance and the overall financial performance of the Group.

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Executive Leadership Team

Operates under the direction and authority of the CEO and CFO. Additional members include the Head of Global Commercial, Head of Research Operations, Head of Global Operations, Global Head of Strategy and Corporate Development, Global Head of Human Resources and Head of Business Operations. Responsible for the day-to-day running of Group operations and making recommendations to the Board on strategy and subsequent implementation.

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  • Audit Committee

    Provides oversight over the Group’s financial reporting, the integrity of the financial statements, the external and internal audit processes, and of internal control and risk management processes.

  • Remuneration Committee

    Recommends Group policy on the remuneration of senior leadership and Executive Directors and is responsible
    for making recommendations for grants of options under the Long-Term Incentive Plan.

  • Nominations Committee

    Responsible for reviewing the size, structure and composition of the Board and reviewing succession planning. Leading the process and making recommendations for Board appointments.