The go to provider of cell engineering solutions

Our mission is to leverage our expertise in innovative gene editing and gene modulation applications to provide customers with tools and services to transform human health.

Key to the delivery of this mission is our “Investing for Growth” strategy that we launched in late 2018. We developed this strategy to support our overarching goal to become the “go-to” provider of cell engineering solutions. The strategy involved us restructuring our business model to prioritise the highest-value, highest growth areas of our markets, while investing in automation, data management and digitisation.

To advance our mission, we are driven by the following strategic pillars:

  • Expand our tools and services offerings

    Develop and commercialise tools and services that address high-growth end markets: Screening, BioProduction and Base Editing

  • Grow revenues from existing customers and win new customers

    Increase penetration within our target customers and secure larger share of their global budget spend

  • Automate and scale our business

    Drive operational leverage in our business through investment in people, processes and automation

  • Continue to innovate

    Extend our capabilities through both internal R&D as well as inlicensing, partnerships, acquisitions and collaborations

  • People – invest in top talent

    Successful recruitment of seasoned individuals with relevant expertise including new Heads of Marketing, Sales, Finance, Legal, HR and IR

We aim to continuously extend our capabilities through both internal research and development as well as in-licensing, partnerships and collaborations in order to best serve our customers. Key recent examples include:


Our strategic collaboration with Mammoth Biosciences is focused on jointly developing new CRISPR gene editing tools to provide the next generation of engineered Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cell lines which have been optimised to solve current challenges in biologic drug development.

Base editing

Our strategic collaboration with Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, is focused on developing tools and services based on Rutgers base editing technology. Base editing is a novel gene editing technology with potential to have fewer and off-target effects than competing CRISPR technologies, which we believe may enable a broader use in therapeutic applications.