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About Us

Horizon drives the application of gene editing and gene modulation within the global life science market – supporting scientists on the path from research to therapy.

Built upon more than a decade of experience in the engineering of cell lines, Horizon offers an unmatched portfolio of tools and services to help scientists gain a greater understanding of gene function, identify genetic drivers behind human disease, deliver biotherapeutics, cellular and gene therapies for precision medicine as well as develop and validate diagnostic workflows.

Horizon’s solutions enable almost any gene to be altered, or its function modulated, in human and other mammalian cell lines.

The Company’s customers include many of the world’s foremost academic institutes, global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies as well as clinical diagnostic laboratories. Insight into the challenges faced by these organizations enables the company to focus efforts on development of innovative solutions that not only differentiate the company’s offering, but also fuel development of the next wave of precision medicines.

Advancing healthcare once cell at a time

The life sciences industry, most notably those companies developing novel therapies, is in an era of transformational change. Relatively recent technological innovations have enabled researchers to not only ‘read’ the human genome but also to be able to ‘write’ the code, giving them a better understanding of how DNA is being read and translated into proteins.

This is hugely important in a pharmaceutical context, as it helps scientists to determine how drugs work, the pathways they are impacting, any side-effects that they might cause, which patient populations might benefit and importantly, how those drugs can be produced at scale.

Our customers include many of the world’s leading academic institutes and global pharmaceutical companies. Our expertise and insights into the challenges that they face drive us to create products and services that not only differentiate our business, but also help our customers to achieve deeper understanding of biological systems, thereby fuelling the development of the next wave of precision medicine.

We have a commercial operations team that provides access to a US$2.5bn addressable market opportunity through a combination of key account, field sales, distribution and digital channels.



The Power of the Cell

Cells are the functional unit of biology, and all living things are made up of them, from the simplest amoeba to humans. It is at this level where the DNA within each specialised type of cell defines its structure, metabolic processes and role within the organism.

Horizon provides ‘Inspired Cell Solutions’, and the cell is at the heart of all of our activities. We have a clear business focus based around this central vision, with our commercial and research operations designed to ensure that everything we do is aligned around the effective deployment of the cell on behalf of our customers.




We are global leaders in cell engineering

Our unique and innovative technology agnostic platform allows us to control the cell using our expertise in:

  • gene editing
  • gene modulation


Our vision is to unlock the power of the cell

The cell is at the heart of biology. Our ability to modify the cell helps customers understand biology and translate that knowledge into valuable applications.


We are increasing our focus on customers every day

Our unique tools and services are used by customers to provide valuable insights and applications in:

  • research
  • drug discovery
  • molecular diagnostics
  • biomanufacturing